3 Ways the Robo Joiner is Changing the World of Concrete

Posted on June 6, 2013

The BNRJ-100 Robo Joiner Tool is a revolutionary machine that automates the process of cutting control joints in concrete. It works like a jigsaw, and comes with two blades — one to create a rolled edge and another to make a saw-cut. The BNRJ-100 Robo Joiner Tool slices through freshly poured concrete, eliminating the need to return to the job site the next day to cut control joints.

Forget returning to the job site the following day to find the concrete you poured has already cracked. And soon, the hassle of manually cutting control joints will be a distant memory as the BNRJ-100 Robo Joiner Tool helps you effortlessly complete the job.

The tool comes with two, quick-charge batteries, a battery-charging unit and a protective case for storage. The machine is constructed of high-quality stainless steel.

The BNRJ-100 Robo Joiner Tool was designed with your safety in mind. A rubberized grip ensures your hand stays in place. The grip also features an ergonomic design to maximize comfort as you painlessly finish your concrete jobs.

So how is the BNRJ-100 Robo Joiner Tool changing the world of concrete?

1. Complete jobs in one day

The tool allows you to complete concrete jobs all in one day — from pouring to cutting. No more returning to the job site the next day after the concrete has set to finish up the work. After you’re done pouring concrete, the robo joiner tool allows you to quickly and easily cut control joints in wet concrete.

Cutting control joints as you go eliminates the time wasted while waiting around for concrete to set. With the BNRJ-100 Robo Joiner Tool, you can stop waiting and start getting projects done faster and more efficiently.

2. Cut control joints more quickly

Because of the ease and speed that the BNRJ-100 Robo Joiner Tool gives you, your work time could be cut by up to 50 percent.  Completing projects faster will increase your productivity, reduce labor costs and help you increase overall profit.

The machine also has variable speeds so you can cut concrete control joints at your own pace.

The tool is battery powered and can cut about 80 feet of concrete on just one charge. The two, 20 volt batteries that come with the BNRJ-100 Robo Joiner Tool allow you to proceed with cutting concrete control joints on one battery while the other charges. A charger that comes with the tool juices the batteries back up in 30 to 45 minutes. The ease and speed of charging ensures the robo joiner tool doesn’t stop until you do.

3. Automation makes things easy

Forget the hassle of cutting control joints by hand, sweating and straining to get the job done. The BNRJ-100 Robo Joiner Tool is a small, easy-to-use machine that gets the job done quickly, accurately and safely. Manually cutting control joints is now history. The BNRJ-100 Robo Joiner Tool automates the process, gliding over concrete to perfectly cut control joints.

After you’re done with the day’s work, the robo joiner tool easily comes apart for cleaning so it’s ready to use for the next time. To find out more about the BNRJ-100 Robo Joiner Tool and other BN Products professional rebar and construction tools, visit our website.