Clever Ways to Cut and Bend Rebar

Posted on February 14, 2018


The Art of Cutting and Bending Rebar

People have discovered and employed many methods when it comes to cutting and bending rebar. Reinforced steel bars are made to be durable, as they are used to provide a solid structure and support system for concrete buildings. That being said, you can’t expect to simply grab an ordinary set of snips to get the job done.

Clever Ways to Bend Rebar

Rebar is manufactured in lengthy steel rods which have to be correctly sized and bent before they can be installed. Contractors perform this process in many different ways. You may even consider some unorthodox. Specialized tools do exist for these projects, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. If you lack the proper equipment and need to cut or bend rebar, you may want to consider taking advantage of one of these clever ideas.

– Bolt Cutters

Don’t underestimate the power of a bolt cutter; of course, you can use these devices to remove padlocks and chains, but they are also effective at snapping rebar. The cutting force alone is enough to chop through reinforced steel like butter. This is a handy tool to have around when you need to quickly trim a piece of rebar down to size or if you have a number of sticks to tend to.

– Circular Saws

Circular saws are the go-to machine for most people. People like them because saw blades can make short work of a rebar slicing job as long as they are made to cut through metal. Remember to use a diamond blade to ensure consistent quality cuts and to avoid other problems that can result from a dull tool.

– Torch It

You should try to avoid using plasma and oxyacetylene torches for large-scale jobs because of how they operate. They will work nonetheless if you don’t have access to dedicated equipment. The reason being that the melting process often leaves the edge of the rebar uneven. Bear in mind that cutting with a torch often takes longer and will cost more.

– Cut it by Hand

Cutting rebar with a manual saw should be a last resort, but it is still a creative way to finish a job. Be sure to secure the material properly in a vice and use a blade that won’t easily dull.

– Use a Bar and a Pipe

Bending rebar is easy with a bar and a pipe; insert the stick into the slot of a hickey bar and use a steel pipe to bend the protruding end downward.

– Use a Vice

Secure the stick of rebar in a vice, add heat via a torch to make the steel malleable. Then use a pipe to bend it.


Always remember to wear the proper safety gear and be very careful when working with rebar. The edges of this material are jagged and can easily impale a person. In order to avoid this, you will want to invest in some rubber caps to place at the end of the finished product. After you have cut and bent the rebar, simply insert a cap on the exposed edges. This will prevent any potential accidents from occurring and will make for a safer workspace.

The safest work environment is created when one has access to the right tools, such as portable or stationary rebar tools. Browse our selection today or check out our complete guide to working with rebar.


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