The Science Behind Your Favorite Power Tools

Posted on October 2, 2017

power tools

For centuries, construction workers and product assemblers had to rely on hand tools and their personal strength to do plenty of hard work. With the advent of small motors and unlimited electricity, all that hard work became the job of power tools instead of the workers. If you rely on power tools to do your job or complete your favorite crafting projects at home, learn a little more about how they work and what features to look for when shopping for new models.

Power Nailers

Ready to put up thousands of yards of fencing? Don’t think you can get through the hard work with nothing but a hammer. Reliable power nailers speed up the installation and ensure every fastener is well-seated so it can’t pull out later. These tools are also indispensable on the building site, especially when roofing and siding is going on. It’s also handy to have a power nailer on hand for assembling crates and furniture frames.

Pick a nailer that can carry hundreds of nails at a time so you’re not stuck refilling your equipment every few minutes. Good power tools also produce a minimum of 70 pounds per square inch (PSI) so each nail goes through the toughest wood instead of getting stuck halfway in. Search for a model that includes a padded rubber grip to minimize the vibrations hitting your hand and wrist. Another helpful feature is redirection of the air that shoots out of the nailer as the tool fires – you don’t want these bursts blowing in your face while you’re trying to concentrate.

Hog Ring Fasteners

Hog rings are ideal for holding light materials to underlying frames or tying layers together. Putting in hog rings with a hand clamp is very tiring and quickly leaves your wrist sore, so a powered fastener makes sense even if you only occasionally use these rings. This tool is essential for anyone manufacturing mattresses, setting up large scale greenhouses, or upholstery furnishings from car seats to living room couches. You can also quickly build animal cages from welded wire panels to house rabbits, piglets, chickens, and other types of livestock.

Each fastener only works with one size of hog ring, so make sure you match your tool to the rings you need. The wire gauge, ring opening, and ring length all need to match to prevent jamming. The best models only take a few seconds to load, letting you get back to work without a long delay. Extended nose edges also help when working in corners and other hard to reach areas.

Dual Rebar Bender and Cutter

Are you ready to put the versatility of rebar to good use? Whether you’re interested in reinforcing a foundation or have a smaller project, you need heavy duty benders and cutters. The toughness of the steel rod makes it hard to do either of these tasks without the right power tools. To save space in your work truck or shop, invest in a tool that does both at once.

These models include long handles that create plenty of leverage on the cutting or bending point, reducing your efforts and reserving your energy for other work. Adjustable rollers allow you to make both tight and open bends without swapping equipment. Look for equipment that accepts replacement cutting heads too so you don’t have to buy a new rebar cutter every time you wear it out. While some large units are heavy enough to anchor themselves, it’s easier to invest in a smaller portable unit that anchors on a wood board instead.

While there are many different options for power tools out there, it is often difficult to find the right one for you and your project. Contact our team at BN Products to learn about the line of power tool products we carry and how they can make your projects easier!