Refurbished Tools Garage Sale

Product Demonstration & Refurbished Tools

In the course of attending various trade shows and distributor events around the country, we usually have several demonstration and refurbished tools available for direct sale. Once we use our tool products for demonstration we can’t consider them brand new. Take advantage of Diamond Tools that have been minimally handled for a great price!

refurbished-tools-bb-productsThese tools have been used for demonstrations by our sales staff while they present our new products and solutions to some of our biggest clients. They aren’t used on a job site or during strenuous construction activity. The refurbished tools have been certified by our own tech staff of safety and manufacturing experts. All of the tools are also thoroughly checked by our tool center repair staff. They include the paperwork, accessories, and carrying case that come with new tools.

Shipping & Warrantee for Refurbished Tools

Shipping is included on orders of two (2) tools or more to one location within the continental United States. The table benders (when available) come with a free foot pedal, plus we’ll throw in a one-year warranty from the date of purchase on all Demo tools and a 6-month warranty for refurbished tools. (Updated 09/30/13)

Item   Condition S/N Price Purchase
DC-20WH DC-20WH Reconditioned 114102 $1,327.30 Buy Now
DC-20WH DC-20WH Reconditioned 711014 $1,327.30 Buy Now
DC-20WH DC-20WH Reconditioned 114114 $1,327.30 Buy Now
DC-20WH DC-20WH Reconditioned 128188 $1,327.30 Buy Now
DC-20WH DC-20WH Demo 10B494 $1,427.30 Buy Now
DC-16LZ DC-16LZ Reconditioned 09A169 $855.00 Buy Now
DC-16LZ DC-16LZ Reconditioned 705013 $855.00 Buy Now
DCC-1618 DCC-1618 Demo 706073 $2,255.00 Buy Now
DC-32WH DC-32WH Demo 128351 $2,926.10 Buy Now