BNMS-6400 Portable Mixing Station

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BNMS-6400 Product Photograph

Summary of Tool

The BNMS-6400 Portable Mixing Station. The ultimate mixing station for self-leveling materials, compounds, and epoxies, producing the perfect mix every time.

Our BNMS-6400 provides efficient hands-free mixing; enabling fast precision pouring of materials. It mixes up to 220 lbs. (22 gal bucket) in minutes. The mixing bucket comes complete with a removable dust splash cover to keep your job clean. The Station is lightweight with “easy tilt” for control and balance. It is also equipped with a built-in timer (for those jobs that require a timed mix) and ergonomic handles for precision pouring. The heavy duty casters (including two that lock) are built for portability and movement while pouring.

THIS IS A SET - Comes complete with a BNR6400 Mixer, BNR001-160 M14 mixing paddle (6-1/2” 160mm diameter). Already have a mixer? This mixing station can be ordered as BNMS-100 without the mixer.

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