DBS-16H In-Place Rebar Bender


DBS-16H In-Place Rebar Bender Tool Overview

DBS-16H In-Place Rebar Bender Product Picture


Summary of Tool

There are times when a concrete contractor has to bend rebar that is already in place. Often, if the rebar has to be bent, the most common method is to use different types of hickey bars to “muscle” the job through. The results are a lack of consistency and at times injured backs and strained muscles.The DBS-16H In-Place Rebar Bender will make consistent bends up to 90 degrees on rebar up to #5 (5/8"- 16 mm) 60 grade.  The tool has a built in adjustment gage that allows the user to either make bends right where the rebar comes out from the concrete (from a distance of just 3 inches from the concrete to a height of almost 12 inches).  However, this tool can also be hand held to bend rebar at any height or place on the rebar. This tool can be a “job saver” as now that operation can be done quickly and safely. This is just one of several possible applications for this tool that can benefit the professional contractor.

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Maximum Bending Diameter 5/8" #5 Rebar (16mm) - Grade 60
Bending Angle / Speed 0-90 degrees / 4 seconds
Voltage / Amperage 115V 50/60HZ / 8.9 amps
Tool Weight 26.5 lbs (12kg)
Dimensions L x W x H 18.5" (470 mm) x 5.75" (145 mm) x 10.75" (270 mm)
Bending Radius 2.44" Dia. (R31 mm)
Minimum Height to Bend 3" (76.2 mm)