5 Best Tools for Bending and Cutting Rebar

Posted on January 27, 2014



Rebar Cutting BN ProductsRebar is one of the most functional and economical materials around. This heavy metal comes in long steel shafts that require fashioning and cutting as needed before a specific job.


The craft of cutting rebar is one story, but the tools that can both streamline th
is process and make it easier are definitely another. Before using any of these tools and bending/cutting rebar, always wear protective coverings – hard hats, long sleeves, hefty gloves – and make sure you have methods in place to protect the sharp edges of the bar at the end of the procedure, such as rubber caps.

5 Best Rebar Tools

1 & 2: Stationary bender/cutters
3: Portable bender/cutter that can be fastened to a stationary setup
4: Portable combination bender/cutter for onsite usage
5: Portable or stationary bender/cutter for 3/4″ rebar