5 “Do It Yourself” Rebar Project Videos

Posted on June 18, 2013

Are you looking for a creative way to spruce up your home’s décor? If so, have you ever considered making a piece of art of furniture out of rebar? As silly as this may seem, just know that many homeowners and businesses have used reinforced steel to craft some of the most beautiful pieces around. It never hurts to think outside the box, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Since most people only associate rebar with buildings and construction companies, being able to see what else can be done with this material can be helpful and inspiring.

We have found some great rebar DIY videos on the internet; the projects range from simple and easy to complex and time-consuming. Depending on your interests, feel free to watch them and learn from the pros. Be sure to take a picture and/or upload a clip of your finished product. The world of rebar arts and crafts is small, but growing!

Rebar DIY Videos

A great piece for beginners, this clip shows what a finished rebar table looks like. As you can see, reinforced steel can look gorgeous when you know what you are doing. Although we aren’t shown exactly how it all goes together, it should give you an idea of what to expect. Glass and metal never looked so good.

The man in this clip shows us how he puts the finishing touches on a custom rebar chandelier. He uses a hand saw, bending tool and portable welder to get the job done. He notes that using a torch is often recommended to make the metal more malleable. This is also how many artists are able to construct unique and stylish angles.

Renowned metal recycling artists Joe and Mackie Clifton show us some of their recent rebar craft projects. Using just a torch, mallet and welder, they are able to make some pretty cool pieces. In this clip, they are making what is called the Tilly Bird, a metal bird that can be put in your lawn or garden.

If you are going to be working with rebar, a quality MIG welder is a must-have. Metal art instructor Cindy DeCecco explains how the process works in addition to addressing key safety points.

In this video, we are told by Michelle Vara why she was drawn to the art of metal sculpture. We get to catch a glimpse of her putting welding pieces together, some of which have incorporated rebar into the design.

If you have completed any great DIY rebar projects you would like to share, leave us a comment. For more information regarding rebar cutting and rebar bending tools that can help you with your DIY projects, view the BN Products website and products for more information.