Legacy Tools Archive

One of the most important goals at BN Products USA™ is to provide excellent products and services to our distributors and customers. When products are replaced by newer models – we strive to maintain supplies and support for quality tools that are used by our customers. If you are looking for supplies, parts or service information for your BN tools of recent vintage – look here for information!

BNG2000i Inverter Generator

BNG2000i Inverter Generator View Specs

BNG3300i Inverter Generator

BNG3300i Inverter Generator View Specs

BNCE-50 #8 (25mm) Cutting Edge Saw™

BNCE-50 #8 (25mm) Cutting Edge Saw™ View Specs

BNMS-100 Portable Mixing Station

BNMS-100 Portable Mixing Station View Specs

BNT-25 Automatic Rebar Tier

BNT-25 Automatic Rebar Tier View Specs

BNT-40 Automatic Rebar Tier

BNT-40 Automatic Rebar Tier View Specs

BNT-58 Automatic Rebar Tier

BNT-58 Automatic Rebar Tier View Specs

BNR7000 TwinMaster™ Mixer

BNR7000 TwinMaster™ Mixer View Specs

BNR6402K Double Paddle Mixer

BNR6402K Double Paddle Mixer View Specs

BNR6169 Paddle Mixer

BNR6169 Paddle Mixer View Specs

BNR6400 Power Mixer

BNR6400 Power Mixer View Specs

DCC-1618HL #5 (16mm) Rebar Cutter

DCC-1618HL #5 (16mm) Rebar Cutter View Specs

DCC-2018HL #6 (20mm) Rebar Cutter

DCC-2018HL #6 (20mm) Rebar Cutter View Specs