Portable Mixers & Sanders

View our selection of drywall sanders, portable mixers, paddle mixing accessories, and mixing stands. BN Products-USA™ supplies accessories and replacement products for each tool with consumable parts.

Paddle Mixer Accessories

Paddle Mixer Accessories View Specs

BNR6502 Dual Power Mixer

BNR6502 Dual Power Mixer View Specs

BNR6500 Power Mixer

BNR6500 Power Mixer View Specs

BNMS-50 Mini Mixing Stand

BNMS-50 Mini Mixing Stand View Specs

BNMS-100B Portable Mixing Stand

BNMS-100B Portable Mixing Stand View Specs

BNMS-6500 Portable Mixing Station

BNMS-6500 Portable Mixing Station View Specs

BNR1837 Drywall Sander

BNR1837 Drywall Sander View Specs

BNR1839 Drywall Sander

BNR1839 Drywall Sander View Specs

BNR1841 Drywall Sander

BNR1841 Drywall Sander View Specs

Drywall Sanding Supplies

Drywall Sanding Supplies View Specs