Portable Mixers & Sanders

Our quality products, including the wall sander, selection of portable mixers, and paddle mixing accessories, such as the mixing stand and collection of mixing paddles for concrete, paint, cement, and lacquers, among others, ensure the best results for your project.

BNMS-50 Mini Mixing Stand

BNMS-50 Mini Mixing Stand View Specs

BNMS-100 Portable Mixing Station

BNMS-100 Portable Mixing Station View Specs

BNMS-6400 Portable Mixing Station

BNMS-6400 Portable Mixing Station View Specs

BNR7000 TwinMaster™ Mixer

BNR7000 TwinMaster™ Mixer View Specs

BNR6169 Paddle Mixer

BNR6169 Paddle Mixer View Specs

BNR6400 Power Mixer

BNR6400 Power Mixer View Specs

BNR6402K Double Paddle Mixer

BNR6402K Double Paddle Mixer View Specs

Paddle Mixer Accessories

Paddle Mixer Accessories View Specs

BNR1837 Drywall Sander

BNR1837 Drywall Sander View Specs

BNR1839 Drywall Sander

BNR1839 Drywall Sander View Specs

BNR1841 Drywall Sander

BNR1841 Drywall Sander View Specs

Drywall Sanding Supplies

Drywall Sanding Supplies View Specs