BNMS-50 Mini Mixing Stand

BNMS-50 Mixing Stand (side)
BNMS-50 Mixing Stand (front)
BNMS-50 Mixing Stand - With Bucket/Mixer


The BNMS-50 portable mixer stand is the perfect accessory for smaller mixing jobs!  Designed for use with almost any standard 5-gallon bucket, the BNMS-50 is a versatile and convenient solution.  The mixing stand includes an easy-to-use locking system that prevents bucket spinning during mixing, and allows for simple removal when you're ready to pour.  This mixing stand is designed for the BNR6400 Power Mixer (sold separately), and for use with most standard 5-gallon utility buckets.

  • Spring-loaded post to lift your mixer out of the bucket for easy removal
  • Includes four leveling feet that provide a stable footing & a bucket locking system to prevent bucket spin
  • Sliding mixer-mount, with rotating and sliding post allow for easy up-down and, forward-back movement


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BN Product
Mixer Designed for use with BNR6400 Mixer (Sold Separately)
Bucket Designed for standard 5-Gallon utility bucket size (Not Inlcuded / Sold Separately)
Weight 34 lbs. (15.42kg)
Dimensions (L) x (W) x (H) 19" x 20" x 30" [assembled, collapsed]
27" x 20 x 42" (max) [assembled, expanded]