Tool Repair Guide: Trusted Service by BN Products-USA™

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BN Products-USA Service Facility – Wickenburg, AZ


INSTRUCTIONS: How to submit a Tool Repair Request to BN Products-USA™

The Tool Repair Request Form is a PDF document that may be downloaded and printed. When a BN Products-USA™ tool requires service that is not covered by warranty, please download and complete this Tool Repair Request form, and include a copy with the tool when it is shipped to BN Products-USA™ for evaluation, and generating a repair cost estimate:

  1. On the BN Products-USA™ website, use the top menu to go to Service Options > Tool Repair Request Form. Upon selecting the Form, the document will appear in a new browser tab.
    • Depending on the device/browser you are using, the PDF document may automatically download to your Downloads folder instead of displaying in your browser. In this instance once the PDF document is downloaded – you can open the file on your device, and/or print a copy of the form.

  2. When the form is displayed on your screen, it is an editable PDF document, meaning that you may complete the top portion of the form by typing into the fields provided. You may complete the form using this feature, or print a blank copy and complete the form in writing.
    • Please note that some browsers do not support editable PDF forms. For instance, Mozilla Firefox for Windows or Mac will not support the editable text fields. If this is the case, you will need to complete the form by printing it and filling it out manually.

  3. Please complete all fields on the form. If the Shop To: information is identical to the Bill To: section, it is acceptable to enter “Same” in the Company Name or address field.

  4. Please give a brief but clear description of the problem or service requested for the tool.

  5. It is important to include the Model #, Serial #, and Customer PO # fields for all requests. If you need assistance in locating the information, please contact BN Products-USA™ Customer Service at (800) 992-3833.

  6. If completing the form in your web browser or a PDF reader (such as Adobe Acrobat), it is best to print the completed document, and include a copy with the tool shipment, if it is being shipped to BN Products-USA™

  7. Please do not complete the TOOL RELEASE section, as this is intended for BN Shop/Office use only. Please do not write in or enter credit card information on the form when it is being submitted with a tool, or via email or other digital transmission.