Increase Your Job-Site Efficiency with the BNMS-6400

Posted on July 1, 2019

The BNMS-6400 is a fantastic new mixing station, designed by contractors for contractors, and it is exactly what every professional needs to mix and distribute any sort of liquid medium. Self-leveling materials, compounds, and epoxies can all be easily and thoroughly mixed in this station, and then they can be spread evenly just by positioning the mixer and pouring them out.

The BNMS-6400 is a portable station, designed to be deployed rapidly and cleaned easily, and every single detail has been designed with reliability and functionality in mind. Here are just a few of the advantages of the BNMS-6400 mixing station:

Made to Get the Job Done

Mixing is a dirty, messy business, especially when caustics are involved. The energy it takes to thoroughly combine heavy materials will often translate into sloshing, splashing, and other little accidents. These splashes and dashes add up to loss of material, damage to the area, and waste of time in cleaning. That is why this portable station is designed to mix even the most difficult substances in perfect security.

The station is designed to be controlled with foot pedals, minimizing mess and waste, and once the material is mixed the bucket simply tips over for a quick and precise pour.  As many as 220 pounds of material can be mixed in the 22 gallon plastic repository. A splash guard keeps the material in place, but it can be removed for easy access and thorough cleaning. There is even a timer included in the package to make perfectly consistent batches with a minimum of fuss.

Moves Where It Is Wanted and Stays Where It Is Put

When you are trying to get a job done, you need to be able to move the materials to where they are needed with a minimum of effort. They must then stay firmly in place until they do the job they were intended to do, and then they need to be whiskey away at a moment’s notice. The BNMS-6400 Portable Mixing Station comes with locking casters, solidly constructed for heavy duty, and a perfectly balanced reservoir that can be tipped out and poured without difficulty.

Includes the BNR-6400 Variable Speed Mixer

The heart of the mixing station is, of course, the mixer. This BN Products special, integral and included with every mixing station, provides 1800 watts of high-power mixing that can turn everything from paint to mortar. Whether the substance is low viscosity or high viscosity, this purpose-built mixer is built to last. Most workers will replace an ordinary 1/2” drill motor three or four times before the BNR-6400 has to replaced once. The mixer has a soft start, variable speed, foot controls, and two speeds on the gears. This adds up to mixing substances about a third faster. The mixer can go between 150 and 700 RPM, and the timer means that a perfectly even mix, appropriate to every circumstance, can be made every time

Safety First!

As we said. the best mixing station in the world is worth nothing if the material cannot be transported properly, distributed effectively, and cleaned up perfectly for the next time. The BNMS-6400 Portable Mixing Station has been designed by professionals for professional use, and professional understand that thorough cleaning is the end of every job and the beginning of the next one. The smooth, well-designed plastic and metal surfaces do not collect waste material, and the station as a whole opens up for easy access and maintenance to every bit of it. The power cord is well insulated and strong enough for work on a construction site, and no detail has been spared in the effort to make the most efficient and effective mixing station on the market.