How to Safely Operate Your New Rebar Bender

Posted on February 1, 2019

7 Rebar Bender Safety Tips

Rebar benders are an essential tool in construction work. A rebar bender is a machine that is used to bend bars made of steel and other heavy metals. Rebar benders are widely used in building and construction. These machines enable you to bend heavy steel bars at accurate angles. When you operate a rebar bender, you must follow the necessary safety precautions listed below.

1. Read the Manufacturer User Manual

All rebar benders come with a manufacturer user manual. The user manual contains the following information:

  • A diagram featuring all functional parts of the tool
  • Work area and electrical safety instructions
  • Personal safety instructions
  • Power tool use and care
  • Service and maintenance
  • Operational instructions
  • Parts list

The information in the manual outlines how to properly use the tool, create a safe working environment, and practice personal safety measures to prevent injury or fatality.

2. Wear the Correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

According to OSHA, Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to items that provide protection for a worker who is exposed to hazardous conditions or works with potentially hazardous equipment.

What is the correct PPE when working with rebar benders?

  • Dust mask
  • Shatterproof glasses or goggles
  • Non-skid safety shoes
  • Hard hat
  • Hearing.
  • Form-fitting, comfortable clothing that is not loose
  • Gloves

3. Be Careful Where You Place Your Hands

The rebar bender bends the bar back toward the roller section. The bending action happens quickly and forcefully. Therefore, you should avoid placing your hands in proximity to the metal rebar when operating the bender. Also, keep hands away from the pivot shoe, cutting blocks, and rollers while operating. Last, do not overreach. Keep proper footing and balance at all times. This enables better control of the power tool in unexpected situations.

4. Warm up the Rebar Bender Before You Use It

Although the rebar benders and rebar cutters can function as soon as you plug it in, you should allow the bender to warm up (especially in cold weather) before you use it. Warming up the bender before you operate it creates less stress on the moving parts and allows it to perform its job safely without added stress to the part.

5. Place the Bar Properly on the Bender Platform

When positioning the bar between the bending rollers or cutting blocks, make sure to lay it flat on the machine surface at the right angle. Select the correct bending angle before you place the bar on the platform. Incorrect placement can cause the bar to project at the wrong angle and strike you. This can cause severe bodily injury.

6. Seek Proper Training Before You Use the Rebar Bender

Like any other piece of equipment, you should first seek training before you use a rebar bender. If you are operating a bender professionally, you can enroll in apprenticeships or take courses that give you credit towards welding programs. A rebar apprenticeship can last three to four years. The apprenticeship includes on-the-job training in a full-time paid job.

Since most states do not require a license or certification for rebar workers, it is crucial that you undergo some type of training before you use the machine for your safety, and the safety of those around you.

7. Rebar Bender Electrical Safety

If you need to make any adjustments, inspections, or repairs/replacements to the bender, disconnect the plug from the power source or battery pack. By cutting off the power, you will prevent the tool from operating and reduce the risk of injury while you are working on the machine.

The bender plug must match a standard wall or power strip outlet without modification to reduce the risk of electrocution. Avoid contact with earthed or grounded surfaces such as metals, appliances, or other machinery that is grounded. Use the power cord gently and remove or protect it from hazardous conditions or moisture.

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