BN Products-USA Trademark Sample Images

Wordmark – Power Tools
Logo- Power Tools
Wordmark – Hand Tools
Logo – Hand Tools
Logo and Wordmark used in Product Packaging and Shipping Materials
Logo and Wordmark used for Power Tool supplies and accessories (Tie Wire, Saw Blades)

Logo-Drywall Sanders

Wordmark-Power Mixers

Wordmark and Logo – Rebar Tying Tools

Logo-Cutter-Bender Combination Tool Manual

Logo – Bolt Cutter Packaging

Logo-Wrecking Bar

Logo-Concrete Form Safety Tools:

Stake Pullers

Nail Puller Packaging

Stake Striker Packaging

Stake Holder

Logo-Manual Rebar Bender/Cutter from Manual

Logo-Bender/Straightener Manual (Old)

Logo-Demolition Hammer Parts Guide

Logo-Electric Rebar Cutter Manual

Wordmark and Logo – Gasoline-Powered Generator Manual

Logo – Gasoline-Powered Generator – Product

Official Logo (2011)