57″ Telescoping Work Light Stand

Pairs with BN Products-USA™ Work Light kits (sold separately)

Accepts slide & lock quick release adapter (lighting kit sold separately)

Storage Size 25" x 5" x 5"


    The BNLT-1060 lighting stand is a multi-use tripod that is designed to easily fit the stand adapter on the BNLB-6905 and BNLB-6907H LED area lighting kits from BN Products-USA™

    Features include:

  • BNLB-6905 or 6907H lamps may be tripod-mounted, and quickly released using the quick-release adapter included in lighting kits (not included with tripod)
  • Easy height adjustment: 28-57" in seconds
  • Durable steel construction
  • Non-slip rubber footings

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Part Number BNLT-1060
Adjustable Height 28" - 57"
Construction Steel with non-slip rubber footings
Width / Footprint 39" (1 M)
Color Metallic/Steel
Warranty 1 year

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