3 Advantages of Epoxy Sealing Your Garage Floor

Posted on December 19, 2019

Pouring concrete is a big job that you’ve tackled and completed in your new garage with the help from BN Products-USA, LLC. Now what? If you’re wanting that new flooring to last, you should consider sealing it with an epoxy floor coating that will wow your guests or prospective customers. No matter how big your flooring or what you’re using your garage for, sealing it has several different benefits.

Advantages of Epoxy Sealing


Using an epoxy floor coating on your new concrete floor is a great way to complement the overhead lighting. Epoxy sealers can come in a variety of colors and with different speckles in the liquid that can result in a shiny and glossy finish when it dries. A brighter area can make spills easier to spot, and is aesthetically pleasing to your guests or customers. It’s also a great way to disguise previous defects in the concrete, or hide imperfections if your floor has been through some rough use over the years. 


Epoxy sealers can prevent grease and oils from seeping into your garage floor. Concrete is porous and absorbs these liquids easily, which means that you could be left with large stains that are hard to remove. Spills on an epoxy floor are easy to clean up, and some sealants even come with antimicrobial properties that can help prevent the spread of mold and germs. This kind of epoxy floor coating is found in hospitals, food facilities, and restaurant kitchens. You can apply epoxy to your garage floor for added protection from germs, or just for additional peace of mind. 


Taking care of your concrete garage floors can ensure that they’ll last for years to come. By preventing oils, grease, and water from seeping into the floor, you’re preventing the concrete from developing cracks or crumbling in weak areas due to saturation. Epoxy floor sealing protects concrete floors by creating a membrane-like coating over the rough surface of the concrete. The unique chemical make-up of epoxy also makes it extremely durable and heat-resistant. So, if you’re looking for a sealer that you won’t have to worry about or have to maintain regularly, epoxy is the right choice for you. 

Applying an epoxy floor coating to your concrete garage floor is a great way to increase its longevity and appearance. Whether you’re looking for a way to make your home garage cleaner or are trying to impress prospective business clients, using this kind of concrete sealer can help.

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