3 Tips for Pouring Concrete in the Winter

Posted on February 18, 2020

Pouring Concrete

When the weather gets chilly, concrete projects can become a challenge. Colder temps can cause a delay in the curing process, cause excess bleeding, or lead to the freeze-and-thaw effect. At BN Products-USA, LLC, we pride ourselves on offering the best mixing tools, as well as the best tips, to make each project a success. Here are our top three ways to successfully pour concrete mix in the winter.

1. Add an Accelerator

Adding calcium chloride to your concrete mix can help keep its curing schedule on track. Cold weather means colder concrete so, by adding an additional element, you can maintain the desired temperature of the mixture in order for it to harden perfectly. However, be aware that too much chloride can rust steel elements or rebar structures underneath your concrete. Some construction managers may even choose to add a non-chloride accelerator in order to preserve the integrity of the metal, but these are often more expensive and not as popular for quick jobs.  

2. Use More Concrete Mix

To increase the temperature of the concrete’s reaction, use more cement in your concrete mixture. It’s suggested that you add 100 pounds per cubic yard, but this amount can fluctuate depending on the weather or how cold it’s going to be the day you decide to pour. If you go this route, make sure you have at least three days of nice weather and above-average nightly temperatures to ensure curing takes place as scheduled.

3. Use Hot Water

Some concrete mixes will provide suggestions for how to use them in colder weather. Concrete will set best when the weather temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit for at least three consecutive days. However, if this isn’t a possibility, try mixing your cement with hot water instead of cold or lukewarm water. It’s important that your mix be at least 65 degrees when you pour to ensure curing and the hydration process are successful and you’re not left with a brittle concrete slab.

Finding the right cement mix to use in the wintertime can be tricky. That’s why you should turn to our experts at BN Products-USA in Wickenburg, AZ. We supply concrete tools, rebar cutters, and portable generators for any job site throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. Contact us today at (800) 992-3833 and we’ll answer all of your questions about our tools and services.