Arrow – Distributor Spotlight

Posted on May 1, 2019

Finding a reliable tool seller or site that offers above standard tools is difficult. With a distributor like Arrow Tools however, you can find the supplies, tools, and materials that you need to complete any project from the ground up. Arrow Tools currently has two locations in LA and Orange County and can help you find all the products that you need to complete any project that you might have in mind.

The goal of Arrow Tools is to be the premier construction supply company in the area. They offer an extensive and expansive inventory of products for nearly any project that you could imagine with hundreds of different tools, brands, and supply types. Arrow has worked to construct a supply house that is going to work for contractors, the average joe, and so much more.


Arrow Tools offers a huge range of tools and products like power equipment and accessories like pressure washers, saws, air compressors and more. They also offer anchoring systems, concrete equipment, masonry, waterproofing and drainage supplies, tile setting, hand tools, and accessories and so much more. They offer a wide range of tools and supplies from companies like Ramset, Simpson Strong-Tie, Honda, Husqvarna, and more.

You can also buy BN-Products from Arrow like the cutting edge saw, portable rebar benders, rebar cutters and more. Arrow Tools offers a full range of BN Products that are professional grade so that you can get the job done and can get it done as quickly and easily as possible. These high-quality products are available online and in the store as well for in-person shoppers.


On top of a huge range of different tools and materials, you can also get a range of different services through Arrow Tools. Arrow offers rebar fabrication so that you can have your rebar cut and bent to your specifications, they also offer concrete forming rentals, credit accounts so that you can flexibly pay for the tools and products you need. Arrow also offers job site delivery and tool repair so that you can get back to work faster and keep projects on track. Arrow also offers routine specials that can be found in their sales bill to get money off the products that you are buying anyway.

Arrow Tools offers contractors and normal customers alike a chance to make one stop and still be able to find all the goods, services, and materials that they need to be successful in all their endeavors. Arrow Tools is also working to expand their presence and you can find a great article on their blog about their new location in Anaheim.

If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and all around great supplier that is going to have all the brands you are looking for, Arrow Tools is just that. They offer great service, quality products, and services that will help you get your projects up and running and help meet all your needs to the completion of your project. Finding the right supplier or tool store can be difficult, there are so many options out there today, but Arrow Tools presents customers with a unique experience that allows them to get all that they need in one easy to shop location.

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