Distributor Spotlight: Construction Concepts International

Posted on August 29, 2018

We would like to highlight one of our trusted distributors — Construction Concepts International (CCI). Their knowledge, service and experience are why we are committed to partnering with them.

Who is CCI

Construction Concepts International is one of the leading internet-based distributors of construction supplies. Located in Morristown, Arizona, CCI provides world-class service that customers have to come to know and expect. They are known for their excellence in performance, reliable products and customer satisfaction.

Unlike other internet construction products suppliers, CCI services most of the tools that they sell, including BN Products. They have two full-time certified repair specialists who work hard to ensure that every repair is completed to the customer’s utmost satisfaction. They stand behind every product’s warranty.

How to Buy BN Products through CC

It is important to always purchase BN Products from an authorized distributor. Don’t fall prey to purchasing items from an unauthorized dealer. While the prices may be lower, we cannot guarantee the authenticity or quality of products that are sold by unauthorized retailers.

CCI can meet any construction need that you have and will make sure that you get the fastest delivery possible. To buy products from CCI, just call, fax or email and within 24 hours, a team member will contact you to help you find the right supplies for your job — no matter how large or small.

What They Offer

Construction Concepts International offers a vast product selection and deep industry knowledge. You can count on them for all of your construction needs. CCI offers thousands of products from air tools to generators. Here are just some of the BN products available through CCI:

  • Generators – Generators are essential to keep a construction site up and running during a power outage. CCI carries BN’s popular gas generators. These indispensable tools should be on hand at every construction site.
  • Mixers – The selection of mixers available from CCI can handle a variety of materials from plaster to concrete.
  • Bolt cutters – CCI offers bolt cutters that can be used for a variety of jobs. They have a huge selection of bolt cutters from BN Products.
  • Rebar tools – CCI offers a variety of rebar tools, including cordless rebar tools, manual rebar cutters and more.

Construction Concepts International is committed to going above and beyond for each customer. They work with financiers to provide immediate financing. CCI helps customers get the funds needed projects in a matter of hours instead of the usual months that it can take for a commercial loan. The company also works with Bank of Cardiff’s Commercial Finance and Leasing division to offer 100 percent financing, including funds for shipping and taxes. CCI also partners with Quick Start Financial to offer commercial loans. In many cases, customers receive instant credit approvals. There are no payments for 90 days and direct tax expensing is available.

Want More Info?

Are you interested in becoming an authorized distributor of BN Products? Being an authorized distributor of BN Products allows you to expand your company’s line of products to include the full range of BN Products. If you are interested in joining a trusted group of BN Product distributors, contact us today at (800) 992-3833!