Contractors Direct – Distributor Spotlight

Posted on February 15, 2019

Distributor Spotlight: Contractors Direct

In this Distributor Spotlight blog post, we’d like to call attention to another of our partners — Contractors Direct. We have established a long-term strategic relationship with Contractors Direct. As a reliable and proven partner, Contractors Direct provides high-quality products and service.

Located in Hamden, Connecticut, Contractors Direct is one of the largest and most trusted online retailers for stone, tile and concrete tools. They offer a large selection of superior quality masonry tools at a great price. Small retailers, contractors, and DIYers love Contractors Direct because they take the time to get to know each customer so that they can provide great service that cannot be found anywhere else.

What Products Are Available Through Contractors Direct?

Contractors Direct offers everything from power mixers to cutting edge saws. Here are just a few of the great products that they sell:

  • BN Products Power Mixer –  The BN Products Power Mixer handles a wide variety of materials from mortars to paints. It gets the job done safer and quicker compared to a conventional ½-inch drill. It features a variable speed adjustment. The lower speed is ideal for things like epoxy and mortar. The higher speed is for paint and other compounds with a low viscosity.
  • BN Products Cordless Automatic Rebar Tier – This portable electric rebar tier is much faster than manual rebar tying. It features a compact design with an easy to grasp grip. It comes with an extra lithium-ion battery for easy charging. This tier comes with a convenient carrying case.  
  • BN Products Cordless Cutting Edge Saw – This cordless cutting edge saw offers a safer and easier way to cut rebar, pipe, and tubing. It features a three position removable side handle, which makes it easy to maneuver in tight areas.

These are just a few of the BN Products tools that Contractors Direct carries. Check out the entire selection here.

How To Buy BN Products Through Contractors Direct

It’s easy to buy our high-quality products right through Contractor’s Direct. Simply go online and order at your convenience.

If you’d rather purchase products over the phone, you can also call Contractors Direct at  1-800-709-0002 from 9:00 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday through Friday. The friendly customer service representatives would be happy to answer any questions that you have about our products.

Why Buy BN Products Through Contractors Direct?

When you buy BN Products through an authorized distributor such as Contractors Direct, then you are assured of a high level of trustworthiness and reliability. You are guaranteed that Contractors Direct has satisfied our high standards that we have set forth for our distributors. We are confident that Contractors Direct shares our vision of service and quality.

Occasionally, an unauthorized distributor or retailer may offer our products for sale to unsuspecting customers. We try to prevent this from happening as we want to ensure that our customers receive only authentic products. However, we don’t always catch everyone.

When an unauthorized distributor sells a BN Products tool, they are inaccurately claiming a relationship with us and misrepresenting our products. This adversely affects you in that we cannot guarantee the safety or the reliability of products that are not sold through our trusted distributors.

Become An Authorized BN Products Distributor

Are you interested in becoming an authorized distributor of our tools and products? If you are interested in joining a trusted group of distributors authorized to sell our products, then please fill out a credit application today: CLICK HERE. Becoming an authorized distributor will allow you to offer the full range of our high-quality products.