Project Bidding Guide: Are you bidding on your construction projects the right way?

Posted on June 30, 2014

construction project bidding guide


Construction Project Bidding Tools

The construction bid process may be the most important aspect of the industry. A knowledge of how to bid and create cost estimates, as well as bidding laws, delivery methods, funding, reporting, etc., is imperative to a successful construction job bid.

Organizing this information in order to prepare for a successful bid is very helpful. Below is a list of valuable computer and mobile-based construction bidding software programs to help your bidding process move smoothly.

  1. HardDollar: enterprise-level construction estimating software that is also a complete project management system and regards civil and high-dollar projects. This software streamlines the process of creating the big and tracking it in such a way that reduces errors.
  2. Estimate Master: known for its detailed database and automatic saving features which allows users to pull in previous information when creating new bids. Also a complete construction software, though it does not have a scheduling tool.
  3. SmartBidNet: A private web-based construction bid management process software for general contractors that keeps data online and is accessible via a computer, tablet or mobile device.
  4. Best Bid Electrical Estimating: a speciality software that is affordable and user-friendly and focuses on estimates for commercial and residential projects.
  5. B2W Estimate, Estimating & Bidding: estimating software for medium to large companies regarding special areas such as paving and concrete.
  6. ConEst IntelliBid: and estimating system used all over the world for both commercial and residential contractors in the electricity industry.


The mobile and tablet apps below are also helpful tools for the construction bidding process:

  1. Construction Cost Estimator App: an easy app for Apple and Android users that will create on-site and remote cost estimates.
  2. SmartBidNet: the recommended software also has a convenient app for Apple products that will help you manage your bids.
  3. Tradies App: includes mini apps to control features such as site information, orders, inventory, quotes and of course, bids.


Three things to remember regarding construction bidding laws:

  1. Bidding laws vary per state. Make sure to contact a lawyer within that state or find public contract documents with laws regarding bidding eligibility and competition regulations.
  2. Many states prefer residents over outsiders for construction projects, meaning a license must be obtained.
  3. The U.S. Davis-Bacon Act federal law mandates that contractors and subcontractors must pay local prevailing wages and benefits on construction projects (public or private) negotiated to receive federal funding over $2,000.