Create – Collaborate – Calculate: Introducing vCalc

Accurately estimating the cost of any construction project one of the most important tasks on the job; as contractors know – it’s the key to profits won or lost.

It is also one of the most challenging.  In fact, a recent survey commissioned by Intuit Quickbooks and TSheets, demonstrated that approximately 40% of contractors lack confidence in the accuracy of their work estimates, and nearly one-in-three (29%) responded that their profit earnings are generally less than what they expected.  Further, the importance calculating material cost and quantity can not be understated.  After all, who wants to be the construction company that has to delay a job because, embarrassingly, workers do not have the correct supply of materials to finish a job?   Another threat to profitability is over-stocking unneeded and costly quantities of materials, that may never be usable.

To help concrete contractors optimize their expenses and avoid such pitfalls, has developed a comprehensive suite of online calculators to help accurately estimate the true material needs (rebar, concrete) of almost any project, for the construction pro and the DIY-backyard-boss!  

BN Products-USA™ has partnered with vCalc to provide common calculator tools used for factoring rebar and concrete quantities on or site, or you can engage vCalc’s comprehensive list of specialized calculations and equations.

Outside of the concrete construction industry, provides hundreds of calculators and thousands of equations to help just about anyone in resolving common needs… where quantity matters!

What is vCalc?

vCalc has hundreds of calculators and thousands of equations created by engineers, university professors, students from around the world, and people like you. Topics range from complex scientific equations to practical, everyday calculated solutions.  

In fact, we are so impressed – we’ve embedded calculators into!  Click the button below to try out an example!

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Calculadora de Barras de Refuerzo En Español

La calculadora de barras de refuerzo ahora está disponible en español.  Tiene descripciones, etiquetas y diagramas en idioma español y también tiene unidades predeterminadas en el sistema métrico (SI).  Las longitudes están en metros y centímetros, las áreas en metros cuadrados, los volúmenes en metros cúbicos y los pesos en kilogramos y toneladas métricas.