Honey, The Power Went Out! And Other Reasons You Need A Generator

Posted on June 18, 2014

gas generators

Honey, the power went out!

Those are words you never want to hear. In a rural community like Wickenburg, Arizona this does happen from time to time. With the strange weather patterns we have been experiencing over the past couple of years throughout the United States and beyond , maybe its time to re-think a gas powered back-up generator, just in case the power unexpectedly goes out.

Top 3 Reasons You Need A Generator:

Home Generator: Rest assured that a lack of power won’t keep your family in the dark with a home generator. During an emergency, your portable gas generator will allow you to continue using your home’s essential appliances such as a/c in the summer, heaters in the winter, and your refrigerator and lights.

Emergency Power on the Job site: Don’t let a storm and downed power lines delay your project. By keeping your portable gas generator on standby for emergency power on your job site, you will never have to delay a project due to an electrical outage.

Power on the go: Have the freedom and flexibility to operate your power construction tools , such as your saws, drills, and concrete mixers, for hours at even the most remote locations.

In the past, cost was probably the main sticking point that got between you and your generator purchase…

Today, BN Products USA offers a line of generators starting as low as $300.00 and they are perfect for job site power and electrical back up needs. There are four models to choose from depending on the wattage and amperage your require. The available sizes are 2000 watt, 3,000 watt, 5,000 watt, and 6,500 watt. All models are equipped with:

  • EPA and California Air Resource Board (CARB) certification on the engines
  • Peak run feature that increases the listed wattage by an additional 10%
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI) plugs to protect the user and tools/equipment
  • Voltage meter
  • Oil alert light if the oil supply gets low
  • An AC reset button or switch that protects the generator
  • Fuel Gage that is easy to read
  • Handle and wheels for easy mobility
  • Non-Flat tires designed for long life
  • Plugs for both 115 volts and 230 volts
  • Large fuel tank that gives you hours of run time
  • 12 volt DC charger

BN Products line of portable gas generators


Our 2000 watt unit, the BNG2000 gas generator, is perfect for running tools and small appliances. It can handle a load up to 16 Amps. This unit is strictly a pull start on the engine (our other models are both pull start and keyed electric start). It has all the features mentioned above and it is perfect for the small jobs where you are running one or two tools. It also works well as a backup power unit for small appliances.


Our 3,000 watt units, the BNG3000 gas generator, are a step up with a keyed electric start (and pull start). This unit can support 22 Amps and it is perfect for running multiple tools and larger appliances. Its peak run can increase the wattage to 3,300.


The next size up is our 5,000 watt unit, the BNG5000 gas generator. Additional outlets are an added feature to this unit and it also comes with a keyed electric start engine. All the features above are included with this generator. It can handle a load of over 40 Amps. and it has a peak run level of 5,500 watts.


Finally, we offer our 6,500 watt unit, the BNG6500 gas generator, with all the features and benefits listed above but with our largest engine for maximum performance. Its peak level of performance is above 7,000 watts and it can handle a load above 55 Amps. We include more plugs on this model to run a wider range of products. It is the perfect model for larger contractors or those who need extra power.

For more information on our line of portable generators read more here.