6 Tips for Choosing the Right Portable Generator for Job-Site Power

Posted on September 1, 2019

Tool experts know it is important to choose the correct portable generator for job-sites and construction work.  A generator is supposed to make it easier to finish construction work and simpler to get any phases of the jobs completed.

Quality is an important reason to choose the right company’s tools and equipment.  BN Products-USA offers products and helpful references for choosing the right portable job-site generators.  A smart approach is to consider 6 tips for selecting the right portable generator. 

1.  Portability and Efficiency

Moving the equipment around easily is often one of the main considerations for selecting certain generators for job-sites.  Maneuverability and the ease of loading the equipment are important with total weight as a reason to select certain generators.  When preparing for efficiency with each job site, other considerations are the number of tools you’ll be running, what levels of power you need, and any chargers you may be using for cordless tools. 

2.  Power

Read more information here for how portable generators work and how many watts you need with suggestions for determining total surge wattage with the rated wattage.  Additional considerations are the generator’s run time and fuel tank size for job efficiencies.  This is helpful information about how generators work for your job site and the key features that will help you select a portable generator.

3.  Comparing Generators and Inverters

The two main choices of generators and inverters are additional considerations for a job-site or construction project.    The more powerful a generator is, the higher its capacity to provide electricity for machinery or larger appliances.  Inverters, as a fairly new concept, have become more popular as an alternative to standard fuel-power generators.  If base power is not available, gas-powered inverters can be used as portable solutions.

4. Purchasing Options

To learn more about the pros and cons of each, you can read about the differences between generators and inverters.  The information can help with any research for choosing the correct equipment for your needs with a comparison of the two and the purchasing options for either of these products.

5.  Back-up Generators

For a home generator purchasing decision, you may want to consider any power outages and how you can continue using your home’s essential appliances.  The freedom and flexibility to power your construction tools is important and a generator can be a smart solution for remote locations.  With this information about back-up generators, you can read more about BN Products-USA, L.L.C. quality products and the company’s line of portable gas generators for electrical back-up needs.

6.  Quality

The type of equipment and the company making the products should be a top priority when looking to make a purchase.  As BN Products knows, the best product lines and the smartest distribution channels are important as a leader in the wholesale construction markets.  Innovative quality products and engineering intelligence are important to the company.  When you find the equipment or tools you’re interested in, you can call BN Products-USA or contact the company for more information.

The correct quality tools and equipment can save time and money on a job.  BN Products-USA tools can be purchased from one of the distributors or you can let your local shop know about the equipment you would like to buy.