The Many Purposes of Bolt Cutters

Posted on October 23, 2017

bolt cutters

Revised November, 2020 by BN Products USA

Anyone who works in the building trade knows the value of a serviceable, multi-purpose bolt cutter and how important it is to have that tool readily available. Used for a variety of routine tasks, a bolt cutter is an invaluable hand tool; it can also be in unusual situations, from the need to access a storage unit even though the key to the padlock has been lost to forging an emergency problem solution when a construction site is located miles from nowhere.

Bolt Cutters Come in Many Different Sizes

The BNBCS series bolt cutters are one family in our line up of metal cutters, ranging from 14 inches to 42 inches.  All of these sizes of bolt cutters will most definitely serve you well on the construction site for many years. The portable cutter are designed to offer maximum flexibility and reliability. Heavy duty bolt cutters can handle many types of jobs.

Routine tasks of sizing wire mesh to reinforce a concrete pad, quickly cutting through the links of fencing material, and accessing shipping containers with minimum effort can be completed quickly, easily, and efficiently with the proper bolt cutters. Utility cutters provide the leverage you need, and compound hinges delivers maximum force. These tools range in weight from only 5.8 pounds to a little over 13 pounds.

Innovative Features

You want to invest in bolt cutters with grips designed to provide control and leverage, no matter what you cut. In addition, interchangeable blades with three separate cutting edges give you the ability to slice through anything, right to the top of the cutting edge, without damage to the blade itself. Made of hardened alloy steel, the blade will give you long use and can be rotated or replaced as needed.

These heavy-duty hand tools will join the ranks of your most-used job site “helpers” — they make light work of even the hardest cutting jobs you face. You will be confident in your ability to perform those difficult jobs when you have one or more of our heavy duty bolt cutters on hand.

So, whether you are in the market for a simple, efficient bolt cutter, a carton stapler, a framing nailer, or a portable generator, take a look at the BN Products product catalog, which you can download from our website!