How To Find the Best Bolt Cutter for the Job

Posted on July 30, 2013

BN Products Bolt CutterOne essential tool that every homeowner and contractor needs to have is a bolt cutter. When you need to cut a chain or bust through a padlock when you have misplaced the key, a bolt cutter can make short work of the job. You will only be wasting your time if you try to cut through these materials with a saw or torch. Although the latter two are definitely feasible options, especially if the saw is a portable saw made for cutting rebar, without the right tools even the smallest project could take hours vs. minutes.

That being said, do yourself a favor and buy a good set of bolt cutters if you haven’t already. It must be noted that these tools come in many different models and with a number of cutting blades. Thus, knowing what your needs are will help facilitate the buying process and prevent you from buying a cutter you don’t need (i.e. that may not work).

Here is a brief overview of the types of bolt cutters available on the market as well as some of the specific uses for each. If you have the money to spend, it would be wise to have a few on hand. You never know what you might run into, especially if you are a professional contractor.

Which bolt cutter should you buy?

  • Angle-cuts; the head of the cutter is angled for ease of access; these cutters are recommended for making precision cuts in hard to reach spaces.
  • Center-cuts; the blades on the bolt cutters are set at equal distances from one another, which allows for cleaner cuts.
  • Shear-cuts; the blades are inverted like scissors. These bolt cutters are better suited for quick-cut jobs on lighter-grade materials, as they don’t tend to have as much cutting force as their angle and center-cut counterparts.
  • Clipper-cuts are great for cutting materials on flat surfaces, given that the blades are flush against one face of the tool.

Use a BNBC Bolt Cutter to maximize your cutting capabilities

BN Products is a world-renowned manufacturer of industrial-grade cutting tools and equipment. One product you should consider buying if you work in the construction industry or ever intend on working with rebar (i.e. many homeowners have found clever ways of incorporating rebar as a design element) is the BNBC Bolt Cutter.

With three different sizes to choose from and with each being equipped with three different cutting edges, this tool deserves to be in every garage. You essentially get three bolt cutters in one without having to pay extra and without sacrificing quality. The blades can be exchanges with ease and are labeled for convenience purposes.