5 Common Construction Tools

Posted on November 7, 2013

Having the right tools to complete your job is important for doing it right while upholding quality standards. New tools come out on the market every day, but there are five common construction tools that appear on just about every project. These tools have become indispensable for a reason — they’re easy to use and they get the job done. Adding these tools to your arsenal will make you more competent and confident because you know you’ll be able to handle whatever need arises on the job site.

1. Rebar Cutters: Whether you need to cut a rod to size or chop off the end of a piece of old rebar sticking out of concrete, powerful rebar cutters will finish the job, cutting cleanly and precisely. You can buy a cordless rebar cutter that offers additional uses, such as cutting chains and bolts. Without a cord, you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet to plug the machine in or getting a cord tangled up with other on-site materials or equipment.

2. Paddle Mixers: Paddle mixers are elongated blenders that mix materials on the job site. They come in several different models, and offer variable speeds so that whatever substances you’re trying to mix combine effortlessly and efficiently. Some models even have double mixing rods, offering extra power for hard-to-mix substances. Ergonomic designs and soft-start functions that prevent mixtures from splashing up make paddle mixers an ultimate go-to construction project tool.

3. Rebar Benders: Rebar benders are one of those irreplaceable tools that aren’t easily substituted. Choose a rebar bender with a long handle to give you greater leverage and ease when bending the rod to suit your needs, or choose an electrical-mechanical bender to do the work for you. Many benders also have the capability to cut rebar, making these an excellent multi-purpose tool for the construction site. Rebar benders feature a no-slip grip — an important safety measure to keep everyone safe on-site.

4. Bolt Cutters: Bolt cutters are unique because they’re useful both on the job-site and off. Bolt cutters come in both heavy duty and smaller versions. The one you select will of course depend on your needs. Chances are if you need the cutter to work on the construction job, you’ll need a heavy duty bolt cutter capable of cutting through just about anything. Or, you could cover all your bases and buy a tool such as the BNBCS bolt cutter, which offers exchangeable blades featuring three cutting edges so you have a workable tool for any situation. Beyond cutting through bolts, these tools can chew through padlocks, chains, locks and wire mesh.

5. Portable saws: Portable saws offer dexterity, portability and power. They can slice through standard 2×4 wood studs or metal struts, and offer burr-free cutting. These powerful machines weight about seven pounds each, making them great options for the job site. As a bonus, these handy tools end up being useful around the house, as well. If you need to cut a piece of wood, rebar, or EMT conduit, a portable saw is a quick and easy solution to get the job done.