Learn Unique Die Grinder Uses

Posted on October 4, 2017

die grinder uses

Die grinders are powerful tools that are traditionally used to grind down metal. With incredible power and unbelievable RPM speeds, though, they can be used in a wide variety of ways – you don’t even have to just be working with metal. Here are five of the best die grinder uses that make these powerful pieces of machinery a must-own for any serious handyman:

1. Getting Rid of Rust

If you’re working with older iron or steel machinery, a die grinder is a must-have. Rust is created by simple oxygen, so whenever your iron or steel is exposed to the air, it’s going to rust over time. You can use a die grinder with an array of accessories to remove rust.

2. Auto Work

If you’re repairing a vehicle for collision repairs, you might need to strip the surface paint to work on the bare metal. Die grinders are a great choice, as they’ll be able to get rid of the paint in smaller areas that your sander cannot reach. You can also install a cutting wheel to get into small areas and remove sheet metal that needs replacing.

3. Finish Stainless Steel Projects

When you’re working with stainless steel, you need to make sure the end result looks as professional as possible. This means smoothing and polishing the steel. You can simply move the grinder as gently as possible over the welded bits until it matches the rest of the steel. Make sure not to overdo it, however, or you might not get the finish to blend with the rest of the steel.

4. Wood Carving

Woodworkers use die grinders with carbide burrs to sculpt wood into beautiful shapes and great art with these great tools. 

5. Finish Non-Metal Surfaces

Die grinders are known mostly for their metal-working ability, but you can use them to smooth anything else down, too. Many woodworkers use die grinders to smooth out wood for a more professional finish. If you’re tired of the slow sanding process, you can substitute die grinders for traditional sanders to hasten the process. Die grinders work perfectly on plastic surfaces, too.

The only way to ensure your grinding gets done properly is by investing in a powerful, quality die grinder. The AeroPro RP17314 ¼” die grinder is a perfect example. It’s lightweight and easy to use, but is built for professional use. You’ll be able to use it with no problem for hundreds of useful applications, including the five die grinder uses listed above.

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