Product Spotlight: DC-20WH Portable Rebar Cutter

Posted on August 10, 2020

When you’re on the clock and have to cut rebar, it’s essential to have the right tools necessary for the job. With instruments from BN Products-USA, LLC, professionals can quickly cut rebar efficiently and safely, quickly completing any task or rescue within minutes. For more than 25 years, the DC-20WH portable rebar cutter has been the market’s leading rebar cutter for professionals across various industries.

Tough Enough for Any Job

The DC-20WH portable rebar cutter is a unique electric/hydraulic cutter designed to be taken anywhere and used to cut through the thickest of epoxy-coated rebar and metals. This tool provides effortless vertical and horizontal cutting applications and is perfect for any asset for swimming pool, masonry, and ICF contractors. This can also be used for rescue efforts after natural disasters or car accidents.

Safety First

With the DC-20WH cutter, safety continues to be our number one priority. The concept for this portable tool began in 1972, and continuous development has led to a more robust, more durable power tool. Unlike other rebar cutters, the DC-20WH is a cold-cutting shear that doesn’t produce sparks or flame, making this a go-to for first responders and rescuers on the scene. This tool includes a safety valve for retracting the piston, and cutting guard features come standard. Without a trailing hose, workers can safely navigate their way around without tripping.

Impressive Strength & Capabilities

If you’re looking for a powerful, yet lightweight tool to add to your arsenal, the DC-20WH portable rebar cutter is perfect. This tool packs a powerful punch, using more than 15 tons of cutting pressure to cut through a 3/4-inch grade 60 rebar cleanly. Within three seconds, you can quickly and efficiently cut through chains, bolts, and other size rods that may be necessary to complete a job.

Power Through

Small, compact, and weighing just 25 lbs., the DC-20WH doesn’t require a ton of power. Using hydraulic mechanisms, this diamond rebar cutter has a double-insulated electric motor that runs off of 115 volts of electricity. Advances in technology have allowed us to make necessary power adjustments without losing the pressure it takes to cut through think rebar and steel.

Order Today

Be prepared for your next worksite or rescue with the DC-20WH portable rebar cutter from BN Products-USA, LLC. This small and compact unit is perfect for precise cuts without much effort. The entire kit comes complete with a durable plastic carrying case, hydraulic oil, and tool kit. We proudly serve contractors across the United States, so contact us at (928) 684-2813 to learn more about us and our products today!