Cutting Edge Saw™ Accessories (Blades & Battery Supplies)



RB-BNCE-30 for BNCE-30

RB-BNCE-50 for BNCE-50 (Carbide Tip)

RB-BNCE-50SS for BNCE-50 (Stainless Cut)

RB-BNCE-50ST for BNCE (Strut Cut)

BNCE-24VLI Battery for Cordless Saws

BNCE-24CHGR Battery Charger

Summary of Tool

We offer replacement products for our Cutting Edge Saw™ rebar cutting saws:

  • RB-BNCE-NH  -  BNCE-20 Cutting Edge Saws™
  • RB-BNCE-MESH  -   BNCE-20 Cutting Edge Saws™ for Cutting Wire Mesh
  • RB-BNCE-30  -  BNCE-30 Cutting Edge Saws™
  • RB-BNCE-50  -  BNCE-50 Cutting Edge Saws™ / Carbide Tip
  • RB-BNCE-50SS  -  BNCE-50 Cutting Edge Saws™ / for stainless steel rebar
  • RB-BNCE-50ST  - BNCE-50 Cutting Edge Saws™ / for Cutting Strut up to 1-5/8"
  • BNCE-24VLI  -  Replacement 24V Lithium-ion Battery
  • BNCE-24VCHGR  - Replacement Charger for the BNCE-24VLI Battery


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BN Product
• RB-BNCE-NH Blade for the BNCE-20 Series Cutting Edge Saws™ (110mm)
• RB-BNCE-MESH Special Blade for BNCE-20 Series for Cutting Wire Mesh (110mm)
• RB-BNCE-30 Blade for the BNCE-30 Series Cutting Edge Saws™ (125mm)
• RB-BNCE-50 Carbide Tip Blade for the BNCE-50 Cutting Edge Saw (185mm)
• RB-BNCE-50SS BNCE-50 Cutting Edge™ Blade for cutting stainless steel rebar (185mm)
• RB-BNCE-50ST Replacement Blade for Cutting Strut up to 1-5/8" (185mm)
• BNCE-24VLI Replacement Battery 24V Li-ion
• BNCE-24VCHGR Replacement Battery Charger for the BNCE-24VLI battery

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