BNHYBR-16 Hickey Bar

BNHYBR-16 Alternate Side
BNHYBR-16 Close Up


  • The 30-inch handle makes this a perfect tool for bending rebar in tight places.
  • Excellent for bending rebar in sizes 3, 4, & 5 (10mm, 13mm, & 16mm).
  • The head is 5/8" steel plate.
  • The handle is steel tubing.
  • The tool is light weight ( 6 lbs.) and durable.
  • Often the tool is used as a pair when making close radius bends.
  • Maximum Capacity is 5/8" #5 (16mm) rebar.


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BN Product
Product No. BNHYBR-16
Handle Length 30 in.
Head Steel plate
Handle Steel tubing
Maximum Capacity 5/8” #5 (16mm) rebar