BNT-40 Automatic Rebar Tier

BNT-40 Automatic Rebar Tier by BN Products-USA

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Summary of Tool

This portable electric rebar tying tool is lightweight and has a compact, easy to hold grip. The tool is well balanced and is designed to tie rebars as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Included with the tool are two lithium-ion batteries and an extra set of gears (wear parts). The extra battery and parts come standard and have an added value of over $300.00. In addition, the tool comes with four spools of 21 gauge tie wire. This is and additional value of over $20.00. The tool is designed to tie up to #6 (20 mm) rebar. The long life battery will give you over 2000 ties on a single charge.

The extra battery that is included can be charging while the other one is in use. The charger is designed for quick charging in less than 40 minutes. The tool comes in a tough molded carrying case and is ready to use right out of the box. Our standard wire is galvanized plated to inhibit rust and corrosion. The 14.4V Lithium-Ion power pack quick-charge battery drives the tool’s brushless twisting motors. Each tool comes with two batteries, a quick charger and four spools of wire in a tough molded plastic carrying case ready to use. This tool will save you time and money.

Note: We also now offer wire made here in the USA!

This tool will save you time and money.
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Maximum Rebar Tying Capacity #6 x #6 (20mm x 20mm)
Tool Weight 5 lbs w/battery and spool
Shipping Weight 15 lbs. w/ tool, batteries, charger, spools and case
Tool Dimensions HxWxL (mm) 11” x 4” x 12” (279 mm x 101 mm x 304 mm)
Tying Speed 0.8 seconds per tie
Tie Wraps/ Wire Size 3 wraps of 21 gauge wire
Wire Spool Length/Wire Type 320 ft/ galvanized
Ties Per Spool 130 to 150
Wire Carton/Shipping Weight 50 spools per carton / 45 lbs.
Ties Per Battery Charge 2500 per battery charge
Torque Adjustments 0-5
Battery Type Rechargeable 14.4 V Li-Ion Battery (2 supplied)
Voltage/ Recharging Time 14.4 V / approx 40 minutes
Battery Charger 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (#BNTLI-196B1)
Operating Temperature 32-122° F
Warranty Period One Year Limited

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