BNWB Wrecking Bar (57″ / 1.47m)

BNWB Wrecking Bar - Prying Blade

BNWB - 57" Heavy Duty Wrecking/Pry Bar

Summary of Tool

BN Products-USA Wrecking Bar is ideal for easily prying forms and other embedded objects. The 57” length gives great leveraging ability!
The blade of this bar includes a center keyhole nail-pulling slot and v-notch. The wrecking bar tool has a powder-coated finish constructed with industrial steel.
The body of the tool is made of a specially designed tube for better fit in the hand to allow for maximum force application.

• Heavy, Strong, Multi-Purpose Tool
• Used for prying heavy objects, align walls during tilt-up construction, roll and align large pipe,
removing shingles or flooring, stripping, prying concrete forms, and placing material.
• 57” Total Length to provide high-leverage as a crow bar and nail and spike puller even in awkward positions
• 3” width lifting surface.
• Blade is forged and hardened alloy with keyhole nail-pulling slot in center and V-notch in tapered edge.

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BN Product
Overall Length 57" (1.47m)
Overall Width 4.72” (12 cm)
Tether Capable Standard Tool (Accessory Needed for Tethering)
Diameter 1 1/2"
Material Steel
Color Orange/Black
Additonal Features Nail Puller
Shipping Weight 13 lbs.

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