All About The BNT-40 Rebar Tying Tool

Posted on February 22, 2018


When working on a new concrete project, deciding how you’re going to tie rebar is an important decision to make before you begin work. Even more important is choosing which rebar tying tool is right for your job. If you’re looking for a light-weight, portable, easy to use tool then the BNT-40 will be perfect for your next rebar tying job!

BNT-40 Rebar Tying Tool Overview

This handy labor saving tool comes complete with two 14.4 lithium ion battery packs, a quick charger, and 4 spools of 21 gauge galvanized wire ready to use. The BNT 40 is a light weight compact and powerful tool that will make quick work of any rebar job. On two number six rebar, this tool can create 2,000 re-wrap ties on a single charge. Changing the wire spool is quick and simple, you can even adjust the tension.

What’s Included? 21

Included with the instrument are two lithium-particle batteries and an additional arrangement of riggings (wear parts). The additional battery and parts come standard and have an additional estimation of over $300.00. Moreover, the instrument accompanies four spools of 21 gage tie wire. This is and extra estimation of over $20.00. The instrument is intended to attach up to #6 (20 mm) rebar. The long life battery will give you more than 2000 ties on a solitary charge.

The additional battery that is incorporated can charge while the other one is being used. The charger is intended for snappy charging in under 40 minutes. The device arrives in an intense formed conveying case and is prepared to utilize ideal out of the crate. Our standard wire is electrifies plated to hinder rust and erosion. The 14.4V Lithium-Ion control pack speedy charge battery drives the instrument’s brushless turning engines. Every device accompanies two batteries, a speedy charger and four spools of wire in an intense shaped plastic conveying case prepared to utilize. This device will spare you time and cash.

Make sure to view the video below for a look at the BNT-40 Rebar Tier, as always please contact us with any questions.