Using the BNT-40 Automatic Rebar Tying Machine

Posted on February 28, 2017

bnt-40 rebar tying tool

Trying the rebar together can be a time-consuming and laborious job. Most contractors are forced to hand tie them individually after they’ve mounted the rebar structure. This can add several days to the project based on the size of the rebar installation. This task also causes a considerable amount of strain to the worker and can lead to injuries if they forget to wear protective gloves. You can save a lot of time and money if you purchase the BNT-40 automatic rebar tying machine.

The BNT-40

Rebar is used as reinforcement for concrete structures. The grid of solid metal rods will ensure that the structure stays in place and is strong. However, the rebar grid should be secure and steady to offer that reinforcement. If the grid isn’t properly secured, it will move while the concrete dries and compromise the structural integrity. Contractors secure the rebar grid with the help of wire ties. These ties are wrapped around the rebar intersections to hold the grid in place. They require precision, which is why they’re often installed manually.

The BNT-40 expertly ties the wire around the intersections with just a pull of the trigger. You can use it on all kinds of rebar interactions and joints, regardless of the size of the rod. You can use it on the grid for a wall, floor, and other such structures to ensure they’re stable and secure. A properly tied grid of rebar will support wet concrete and provide the right anchor for it.

How to Use an Automatic Rebar Tying Machine

The automatic rebar tying machine is quick and efficient. It is also very easy to carry to the work site and use. The machine comes with 14.4v lithium ion batteries that charge quickly in 40 minutes. You can tie the wire 2,000 times on a single charge so you won’t have to recharge the tool during your workday and waste time. The system is very easy to use and here’s a brief description of it:

  • Connect the Battery –

    The first step is to connect and charge the battery for use. If the battery has full charge, you won’t need to halt your work to recharge it again. The tool comes with two batteries so if you have a higher workload, you can always replace the discharged battery with the charged one.

  • Add the Spool of Wire –

    The spool of wire is very easy to install. All you need to do is open the house, thread the wire into the tool and mount the spool. You can use the tool immediately after you close the housing.

  • Alter the Tension –

    You can alter the tension of the wire according to your preferences. If you find that the wire isn’t tight enough, you can turn the knob on the automatic rebar tying machine to increase the tension. This will ensure the rebar is tied secure and won’t budge.

  • Just Pull the Trigger –

    To tie the rebar, you need to place the mouth of the tool on the intersection and press the trigger. The wire would wind and tighten around the intersection almost immediately. You can just pull back and move onto the next location. You can continue the process until the wire runs out.

As you can see, it’s very easy to use this automatic rebar tying machine and get the work done quickly. You will save a lot of time and money on the job and ensure your workers aren’t injured or exhausted due to the tedious work involved. This rebar tying tool is affordable and lightweight so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t purchase one. Have more questions about the BNT-40? Contact us today!