How to Change the Grip on the BNT-64 Rebar Tier

Posted on October 5, 2016


The BNT-64 Rebar Tying Tool is built to reduce tying time needed for securing reinforcing rods together while doing concrete form work. It’s great for repetitious tying work and reduces the risk of carpal-tunnel and back injuries. The handle can be used either as a pistol configuration or as a rifle style to reduce bending while tying horizontal floor mats. Learn how to change the BNT-64 Rebar Tier from rifle to pistol grip with this guide!

Step 1: Remove the two screws from the bottom plate of the rebar tier and give it a tap to free the plate.

Step 2: Remove the back plate screw and tap from the bottom to release the grip handle. Then unclip the two wire connectors.

Step 3: Slide the trigger into place while keeping the wires tucked low enough to where the front part will slip into place. Then flip the unit for easier access and connect the two wire harnesses.

Step 4: Take the two extra pieces that came with the unit and place the cover into place and finish by inserting the supplied screw.

Step 5: Take the rifle grip that was removed and place it at the butt of the unit. Then simply screw into place. Then take the second smaller supplied piece and place it at the top of the butt and screw into place.

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