How To Clear A Wire Feed Jam on the BNT-40

Posted on November 28, 2016


The BNT-40 Automatic Rebar Tier automates your tying job with a lightweight tool that uses a powerful 14.4 volt, rapidly-charging lithium-ion battery. Each tie includes three turns and on average, you’ll get about 2,000 turns out of each battery charge, saving you a lot of time otherwise spent replacing and charging batteries. The pistol grip lets you work all day comfortably while the wire coils provide up to 128 wraps per coil. When working with the BNT-40 it’s important to know how to clear feed wire jams that may come along. If your BNT-40 is not feeding wire properly, make sure to try the following method on how to clear a wire feed jam before sending it for repair.


Step 1: Power off

First of all, you’ll want to make sure the power button is in the off position and make sure to remove the battery.25

Step 2: Remove the Plate

Your second step will be to remove the plate so that you can access the wire feed area where the jam has likely occurred.

Step 3: Remove Screws

Next you’ll need to remove the two additional screws so that you can remove the internal glide track.

Step 4: Remove the Cover

Now you’ll want to remove the second cover where the wire cutter is located.

Step 5: Clean Wire Feed & Tracks 

Make sure to clean both the wire feed and wire cutter tracks with mineral spirits and dry completely with compressed air.

Step 6: Reassemble

Finally, you’ll simply reverse assemble and test out the unit. In most cases, this easy task will have your BNT-40 back up and running in no time!

Well, that’s how to clear a jammed feed on your BNT-40 Rebar Tier. Make sure to view the video below for further instructions, and check out our blog on spooling wire into your BNT-40 Rebar Tier. If you have any questions, please contact us!