Product Training & Documentation Library

How-To Training and Guides for Best Practices when Using or Servicing Genuine BN Products-USA™ Tools

Welcome to our new BN Products-USA™ Product Training Library! This section of represents our desire to provide tools to Distributors and end-users that give tips and insight on how to use and maintain our specialty tools, using best practices for safety and preserving the condition of our equipment. Please check back regularly as we continue to build this volume of videos and “how-to” instructional guides. If there is a training need for you or your company that you do not see, please submit your suggestions to us via email by CLICKING HERE!

Video Guides

Instructional Guides and Manuals by Tool Category

Hand Tools – Mixers/Mixing Stations – Drywall

How to use a BN Products™-USA Stake Puller (Poster) (PDF)

Assembly Instructions: BNMS-6500 Mixing Station (PDF)

Assembly Instructions: BNMS-50 Mini Mixing Stand (PDF)

Assembly & Sanding Head installation Instructions: BNR1839 Drywall Sanding Machine (PDF)

Operating Instructions: BNR1837 Drywall Sanding Machine (PDF)

Operating Instructions: BNR1841 Drywall Sanding Machine (PDF)

Quick Start: Instruction Guide for MBC-16B1 Rebar Cutter/Bender (PDF)

Quick Start: Applications and Specs for BNWB Wrecking Bar (PDF)

Tiger Tier™ Automatic Rebar Tying Machines

BNT-25X/BNT-40X/BNT-58X Troubleshooting: Common Fault Guide (PDF)

How to read alert tones from the tool with recommended actions

BNT-X Series Tying Machines: How to Maintain & Lubricate Brake (PDF)

How to clean and lubricate brake housing on the BNT-X series tools

BNT-25X/BNT-40X/BNT-58X Operating Manual (Updated, PDF)

Gasoline Generators (Inverters & Conventional)

OSHA: Carbon Monoxide Safety & Portable Generators (PDF)

BNG4000iD Instructions & Operator Manual (PDF)

BNG4000iE Instructions & Operator Manual (PDF)

BNG2800iE Instructions & Operator Manual (PDF)