BNFTNP Duplex Nail Puller – Concrete Forming

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  • The BNFTNP Duplex Nail Puller the easy solution for the tedious task of pulling duplex from stakes that are supporting concrete forms. Contractors know well that pulling nails from concrete forms is a back breaking job!
  • The BNFTNP Duplex Nail Puller is designed to remove nails quickly and efficiently. The head of the tool is constructed to fit perfectly around steel stakes. The user can then slide the head of the tool down the stake and on to the duplex nail head. The slot in the front of the tool grabs on to the nail, as the curved head allows the nail to be removed straight with minimal effort. The padded handle is longer than that of a standard hammer, and set at an angle. This allows the removal of the nail to be simple, quick, and easy.


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Nail Puller Head Designed for duplex nails used with concrete form stakes