BNFTSA Stake Striker – Concrete Forming

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Stake Striker
BNFTSA Stake Striker with Forming Stake
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Stake Striker


  • The BNFTSA Stake Striker is the perfect solution for efficiency and protection from injury while driving stakes for installing concrete forms on the job.
    • Especially when used in tandem with the BNFTSH Stake Holder, the BNFTSA Stake Striker has helped reinvent the laborious task of stake installation.
    • The value of this tool is reflected in having earned a past Attendee's Choice award as Most Innovative Product at the annual World of Concrete show in Las Vegas.
  • Standard 3/4 inch stakes have a top surface area that is very small, meaning that workers must be extra careful, as injuries and mis-strikes are a common danger.
    • The new, hardened anvil hitting surface is 15X the surface area of a ¾ inch stake, making it hard to miss!


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BN Product
Stake Size (Diameter) Designed for 3/4" Concrete Form Stakes
Weight 4.15 lbs.
Length 16"
Width 4.5"