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BNFTSA Stake Striker with Forming Stake

Stake Striker

BNFTS State Striker - Main View

Summary of Tool

The BNFTSA Stake Striker is the perfect solution for efficiency and protection from injury while driving stakes for installing concrete forms on the job. Especially when used in tandem with the BNFTSH Stake Holder, the BNFTSA Stake Striker has helped reinvent the laborious task of stake installation.

Standard 3/4 inch stakes have a top surface area that is very small, meaning that workers must be extra careful, as injuries and mis-strikes are a common danger. This new striking tool has a hardened anvil surface at one end, and an opening on the opposite side that fits over the head of the stake. The anvil hitting surface is FIFTEEN TIMES the surface area of a ¾ inch stake, making it hard to miss! By hitting the anvil of the tool instead of the stake, your stakes will last longer, even though the installer will be able to hit the stake harder and drive it faster - all with the protection afforded by a large striking area and a long handle to keep hands out of danger.

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BN Product
Stake Size (Diameter) Designed for 3/4" Concrete Form Stakes
Weight 4.15 lbs.
Length 16"
Width 4.5"

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