BNFTSH Stake Holder – Concrete Forming

BNFTSH Stake Holder - Side View

BNFTSH Stake Holder - Main View

BNFTSH Stake Holder - Close-up (Hook)

BNFTSH Stake Holder with BNFTSA Stake Striker

Summary of Tool

The BNFTSH Safety Stake Holder makes driving stakes a safe and easy task by allowing a user to hold, position, and drive a concrete form stake with force and accuracy - without the risk of injury - because a worker can hold the stake without touching it.

We created the BNFTSH Stake Holder to greatly reduce the risk of this critical safety issue. The tool is designed with a long handle, attached to a special spring tension head that can pick up a ¾ inch steel stake.   Workers can build concrete forms with reduced risk and increased productivity with this innovative tool.  The BNFTSH Stake Holder gets hands out of the way, and provides a large, safe striking surface to get the most out of each strike, when driving stakes during concrete form installation.

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