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BNHYBR Adjustable Head

BNHYBR Adjustable Shaft

Summary of Tool

The standard Hickey Bar used for bending reinforcing rods (rebar) hasn't changed in over thirty plus years. Our new style BNHYBR Hickey Bars makes it easier to grab and shape rebar with an innovative adjustable angle head and a stretch-and-lock handle shaft. We have three models available that can handle up to #5, 5/8" (16 mm) rebar. You can order the tool with either a round end (-21401), wrecking end (-21402) or a chisel end (-21404). This is another use-expanding tool from BN Products-USA.

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BN Product
BNHYBR-21401 Adjustable length from 27.4" to 40.2" with round end
BNHYBR-21402 Adjustable length from 27.4" to 40.2"with wrecking end
BNHYBR-21404 Adjustable length from 27.4" to 40.2" with chisel end

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