DBD-32X 1-1/8″ Rebar Bender


Summary of Tool

The DBD-32X is a heavy-duty portable table-type bender. This unit is the largest 115 volt portable rebar bender available. This powerful electrically driven mechanical unit will easily bend 1-1/8” Grade 60 rebar 180 degrees in only 8 seconds. This fast and accurate bender is a valuable tool for small to medium size production shops. It comes standard with a hands-free foot pedal control switch and a complete bending radius roller set. This unit is available separately or in combination with a cutter mounted on a skid, stand or trailer unit. An optional stand is also available.

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Maximum Bending Diameter 1-1/8" (#9) Rebar (29mm) Grade 60
Bending Angle / Speed Up to 180 degrees / 8 seconds
Voltage/Amperage 115V 50/60Hz / 12 amps
Tool Weight 397 lbs (180 kg)
Dimensions L x W x H 23" (590mm) x 24.2" (620mm) x 18.7" (480mm)