JMB-22 Table-Style #7 Rebar Bender

Video Demo: JMB-22 At a Glance
JMB-22 w/ Pedals (Included)
JMB-22 Front Panel/Top View
JMB-22 Top View


The JMB-22 Rebar Bender is a heavy-duty table top rebar bending tool that is a great addition to the extensive line of BN Products USA™  rebar tools! In addition to the great features, the JMB-22 ships with a stand, roller kit, and two (2) foot pedals!

  • The JMB-22 features a preset angle lock for repeating the same angle bends; accurately bends any angle from 0-180 degrees
  • Bends (4 bars) #3 rebar, (3 bars) #4; (2 bars) #5 or #6 rebar and (1 bar) #7 rebar at one time
  • The JMB-22 comes complete with heavy-duty stand for the machine, bending rollers, steel carrying case, tool kit, standard foot pedal control switch, and a one-year warranty.
  • Designed for:  No. 7, grade 60, rebar bending capacity, meets ACI 318-05.


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BN Product
Maximum rebar diameter: #7 (7/8") (22mm) Grade 60
Bending Angle: 0 – 180 degrees
Bending Speed: 9 Seconds for 180 degree bend
Power Supply: 115V 50/60Hz -15 amps
Weight (kg): 219 lbs. (99.4 kg)
Overall Dimensions (mm): 21 1/2" (546mm) with handles x 18 3/8" (467mm) x 18 1/4" (464mm) to top of moving roller