Hand Tools

Our selection of hand tools, including a variety of bolt cutters, and the Hickey Bar, ensure you get the job done right with a reliable and precise BN Products tool.

MBC-16B #5 (16mm) Complete Manual Bender/Cutter

MBC-16B #5 (16mm) Complete Manual Bender/Cutter View Specs

BNHH-50 Hydro Hoe

BNHH-50 Hydro Hoe View Specs

BNBC-36 Bolt Cutter (36″)

BNBC-36 Bolt Cutter (36″) View Specs

BNBC-30 Bolt Cutter (30″)

BNBC-30 Bolt Cutter (30″) View Specs

BNBC-24 Bolt Cutter (24″)

BNBC-24 Bolt Cutter (24″) View Specs

BNHYBR-16 Hickey Bar

BNHYBR-16 Hickey Bar View Specs