Concrete Form Safety Tools

Posted on October 10, 2020

Installation and removal of concrete forms can be a back-breaking and sometimes dangerous job. Whether you are driving stakes or pulling duplex nails and stakes on the job site, BN Products USA has introduced a tool set that makes the tasks far easier and safer for the contractor. Our tools provide the means to hold and drive stakes with less effort, and remove nails and stakes without damage or injury. Awarded a Most Innovative Product award at the annual World of Concrete exposition, this tool set can very well be a job-site game-changer.

See the Safety Tools in Action (Video):

Stake Pullers

Pulling concrete form stakes out of the ground after the pour is a back-breaking job. Often, the stakes seem to have become one with the dirt, rock, and clay and trying to remove them can result in your own personal pain. We have seen workers try to dislodge the stake by hitting them on the side with a hammer. This often bends the stake and the glancing blow can bounce off the stake and strike the worker. Others try to remove the stake with locking pliers and they damage the stake, or find themselves hurting their back due to their poor lifting posture.

The BNFTSP (standard model without the nail puller) and BNFTSPN (with the nail puller feature) are designed to make the removal of form stake both easy and safe. The tool has padded handles plus heat treated gripper rollers that make grabbing the stake quick and easy. They even work well in tight places. The rollers grip the stake and this allows the user to rotate the stake back and forth, which breaks the surface tension around the stake. The stake can then be removed easily from the ground by using your leg muscles rather than straining your back.

The BNFTSP model comes with a handy belt clip that can be attached to a tool belt. The BNFTSPN has a nail puller attachment rather than a belt clip. The nail puller attachment is designed to slide down the face of the stake and its grooved slot fits over the head of a duplex nail. Using the leverage of the handles, the duplex nail can easily be removed. Concrete contractors who have tried this product claim that it is the best method for removing stakes. It is fast, easy to use, and very safe.

Safety Stake Holder

Concrete contractors know that job site accidents happen when driving stakes for concrete forms. It is far too easy to miss the stake with a hammer, and hit either your own hand or the hand of someone who is holding the stake. We created the BNFTSH Stake Holder to eliminate the problem! The tool is designed with a long handle and a special spring tension head that can pick up a ¾ inch steel stake. The user can hold the stake without touching it. This makes driving stakes far safer and more effective, by holding on to the handle instead of the stake, the user can both position and drive the stake with greater force and accuracy.

Safety-savvy Contractors are using this method for driving forming stakes! The BNFTSH Stake Holder can save your business money through efficiency and by reducing the job site accidents. Protect yourself and your workers by insisting on the use of a stake holder when driving concrete form stakes.

BN Products’ BNFTSH Stake Holder (left) is shown in tandem with the BNFTSA State Striker (right) – tools design to work together for optimal ease and safety for concrete construction job sites.

Stake Striker

Driving concrete forming stakes takes both a good eye and an accurate hit. Often, we miss hit the target for several reasons. It might be the type of ground where we are trying to drive the stake. It could be from a distraction on the job site. Often, it is due to the very small hitting surface of the stake that causes the problem.The standard 3/4 inch stakes has a top surface area that is very small and you need to be careful as several things could go wrong… mis-strikes can cause damage to tools as well as personal injury.

The BNFTSA Stake Striker is the perfect solution. The handle length has a harden anvil surface at one end and an opening on the opposite side that fits over the end of the stake. By hitting the large anvil of the tool instead of the stake, you prevent the mushrooming effect on the stake. Your stakes will last longer. The anvil is 15X the surface area of a ¾ inch stake (it’s hard to miss). This allows the installer to hit the stake harder and drive it faster.

Contractors on jobs that require a large quantity of stakes are finding a new level of efficiency while reducing injuries. They use a combination of both the BNFTSH Stake Holder and the BNFTSA Stake Striker and a team of two to perform the stake installation. The tools help complete the setting of forms quickly and with greatly reduced risk.

Duplex Nail Puller

Pulling duplex nails out of concrete forms is also a difficult job. Often the nails become stuck due to the moisture from the concrete and the swelling of the surrounding wooden forms. Nails driven through stakes and into forms are often located near the ground, making the job more strenuous.

BN Products USA also offers a new BNFTNP Nail Puller, designed to pull duplex nails quickly from stakes that are supporting concrete forms. The head of the tool is calculated to fit perfectly around steel stakes. The worker can then slide the head of the tool down the stake and on to the duplex nail. The slot in the front of the tool grabs on to the nail and the curved head allows the nail to come out straight.The handle is longer than a standard hammer and it’s both padded and set at an angle. This design allows for greater pressure to be applied with less effort making the removal of the nail easier and quicker. The user has less bending to do, resulting in less back and neck strain. Contractors will find this tool to be very useful in the breakdown of concrete forms.

Where to Buy the Concrete Form Safety Tools

The BN Products USA Concrete Form Safety Tools are available through our distributors at BN Products USA. Visit Concrete Form Safety Tools on our website, and any of the tools may be purchased through following the ‘Buy Now Online’ links on each tool’s information page. Here’s to a safe and successful effort on your next job site!