Portable Rebar Cutters

Since our first tool was introduced back in 1982, BN Products-USA has been the primary suppler of the most innovative portable rebar cutters available through construction material distributors here in the United States, Canada and Latin America. We started with the DC-20WH and added a total of 7 additional electric/hydraulic tools that either make money, save money or add value to every contractor that uses them.

DCC-1618HL #5 (16mm) Rebar Cutter

DCC-1618HL #5 (16mm) Rebar Cutter View Specs

DCC-2018HL #6 (20mm) Rebar Cutter

DCC-2018HL #6 (20mm) Rebar Cutter View Specs

DC-16LZ #5 (16mm) Portable Rebar Cutter

DC-16LZ #5 (16mm) Portable Rebar Cutter View Specs

DC-16W #5 (16mm) Portable Rebar Cutter

DC-16W #5 (16mm) Portable Rebar Cutter View Specs

DC-20WH #6 (20mm) Portable Rebar Cutter

DC-20WH #6 (20mm) Portable Rebar Cutter View Specs

DC-25X #8 (25mm) Portable Rebar Cutter

DC-25X #8 (25mm) Portable Rebar Cutter View Specs

DC-32WH #10 (32mm) Portable Rebar Cutter

DC-32WH #10 (32mm) Portable Rebar Cutter View Specs

BNCE-20 #6 (20mm) Cutting Edge Saw™

BNCE-20 #6 (20mm) Cutting Edge Saw™ View Specs

BNCE-50 #8 (25mm) Cutting Edge Saw™

BNCE-50 #8 (25mm) Cutting Edge Saw™ View Specs

MBC-16B #5 (16mm) Complete Manual Bender/Cutter

MBC-16B #5 (16mm) Complete Manual Bender/Cutter View Specs

DBC-16H #5 (16mm) Combination Rebar Cutter/Bender

DBC-16H #5 (16mm) Combination Rebar Cutter/Bender View Specs

DBC-20X Bender/Cutter

DBC-20X Bender/Cutter View Specs

DBC-25H Bender/Cutter

DBC-25H Bender/Cutter View Specs

DBC-3225 & 3232 Bender/Cutters

DBC-3225 & 3232 Bender/Cutters View Specs

DBC-2520 & 2525 Bender/Cutters

DBC-2520 & 2525 Bender/Cutters View Specs